Fun Facts about Sarah Glick

Posted by Sarah PeaseAug 26, 2014

As we’ve said before, we’ll be spending a lot of time learning more about you and your partner as we help to plan your marriage proposal or wedding. So, it’s only fair to share a bit more about us! Here are top 10 interesting facts about the wonderful Sarah Glick, you can read my top ten interesting facts here.  Surprised by what you see?  Leave a comment below.

1.  I love crime shows – real or fake. The more gore, the happier I am.

2.  I don’t own a TV, so I only get to watch things live at the gym. If I had at TV at home, I would be really out of shape.

3.  I hate beach vacations that last longer than a weekend.

4.  Used book stores are a constant distraction for me. I love the smell and feel of old books. Sometimes I even buy really old books and then never read them.

5. Wine, cheese, coffee, and chocolate are all fast track ways to my heart

6.  I am bad at all sports – love watching them, but I am way safer on the bench than on the field. However, I am a complete sucker for all fad exercise classes and hiking/climbing.

7.  Misha and I have a weekend tradition of trying new bakeries – generally this means 1 almond croissant, 1 chocolate croissant, and one new baked good. I then like to try to figure out a recipe for the new one – baking is my second passion.

8.  I’m currently learning Russian.

9.  I have a serious case of Wanderlust. If I won the lotto, I would quit my job (sorry!) and travel to every country.

10.  Morning sing-a-longs are an essential part of my daily routine. My guilty pleasure music is anything from the 90s and any genre of music that has an unexpected rap verse.


Sarah Glick in Italy.

sarah glick

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Fun Facts about Sarah Pease

Posted by Sarah PeaseAug 26, 2014

Since you’ll be sharing a ton about you and your partner over the coming weeks and months, you might be curious to learn a little bit more about us, so here are 10 fun facts about me. You can learn more about Sarah Glick here. Surprised by what you see?  Leave a comment below.

1. I’m fluent at a native level in Spanish. People ask me what country I’m from, not where I learned it.

2. When I was a freshman in college, I worked as a bank teller and was held up at gunpoint.

3.  A silly pet peeve is extra time left on the microwave. I also dislike sharing food.

4. I’m a classically trained violinist and pianist. Classical music is what I listen to when I want to relax.

5. My passport will tell you that I’ve traveled to over 25 countries in the past five years.  I’ve lived in 5 countries on three continents.

6.  I’m an insatiable learner. I devour books (and am a scary-fast reader), podcasts and magazines and am a big believer that you can always improve.

7. Presidential politics, Native American history, small business tips and wine are just a few of the topics that I’m constantly learning about. I do enjoy a good Bossypants/Chelsea Handler type of book from time to time, too.

8. I can dance some serious salsa. New York Style is my least favorite.  “On one” is my default and my absolute favorite is a style that originated in Cuba called Rueda de Casino. It involves learning hundreds of unique spins and is typically done in a group with a caller, similar to square dancing. You can see what it looks like here.

9. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I’m a terrible cook, but a great eater.

10. For the past few years, I’ve been dedicating time to the wedding industry charity, Wish Upon a Wedding, which gives weddings to couples facing life-threatening illness. I serve on the National Board as National Marketing Chair and on the New York Board as Wish Coordinator Chair.

My husband, Cass, and I after finishing a half marathon.

half marathon



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The Proposal Planner: John and Regina

Posted by Sarah PeaseAug 21, 2014

After being a part of the Brilliant Event Planning team for 6 years we couldn’t have been more excited to plan John’s proposal to Regina! And, I’ll be honest, it was very nerve wracking planning such an important moment for someone who has been such a vital part of my team for so long. John’s proposal was shaped around a very specific date and time because he would be proposing on the 200 millionth second of the couple being together.  To add to the theme of the night, John choose to propose from the rooftop of a Greenwich Village restaurant that has a stunning view of a neighboring clock tower.  Being a part of the Brilliant Event Planning team, Regina thought she was coming to set up a proposal. Little did she know, it was her own! When Regina arrived at the restaurant she was sent straight to the roof to check on a problem with the proposal.  As Regina stepped out on the roof, a guitar began to play.  It took her a few seconds to notice the candle-lit path and John waiting under a glistening arch.  There, beneath the light of the clock tower, John proposed on their 200 millionth second together.  The couple celebrated their engagement with an intimate dinner at Rosemary’s.  Waiting on their table was a golden box filled with origami butterflies John had hand folded and an engraved pocket watch with the date of their engagement.

Congratulations John and Regina!










Thanks to Craig Warga for the beautiful photos!

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A Brilliant Wedding: Heather and Chris

Posted by Sarah PeaseAug 11, 2014

Heather and Chris were such a fun couple to work with and incorporated so many unique and creative ideas into their wedding.  The ceremony was held on the rooftop of Skylight West featuring breathtaking views of the surrounding Manhattan skyline.  The couple wanted the space to feel “happy”, so bright yellow rose petals lined the aisle and whimsical topiaries with lush bouquets of roses served as alter décor.  Pashminas, serving as chair covers, could also be used by guests to keep warm during the ceremony.  As self-proclaimed “foodies”, the couple wanted to draw on their love of food and fine dining to create a unique reception for their guests.  Banquettes along with different sized tables were set up the make the space feel like a posh New York restaurant.  The couple even had cell phone chargers set up in the reception so that guests could keep snapping pictures all night long. We were thrilled to have our couple’s beautiful wedding featured on Carats & Cake. Check out the post here. Congratulations Heather and Chris!


Wedding Dress, Manolo Blahnik, Skylight West Rooftop Park Wedding, Bridesmaid Fall Bouquet   Table Settings, Floral Arrangements Favors, End of Night

Thanks to Sue Kessler from Christian Oth Studio for the beautiful photos!

Wish Upon a Wedding

Posted by Sarah PeaseAug 08, 2014

As you might have heard me mention, I’m on the board of the wedding industry charity, Wish Upon a Wedding.  I serve on the New York City board as Wish Coordinator Chair recruiting wedding vendors to donate their products and services to upcoming Wish Recipients, but I also serve on the National Board as Marketing Chair. To say that the new Wish Upon a Wedding website was a labor of love is an understatement, but I’m proud to say that after months of hard work and lots of help and support from my fellow WUW members and partners in the wedding industry, the redesigned website has officially launched.  As part of the launch, we’ve put together an infographic of what Wish Upon a Wedding has accomplished since our founding in 2010.

Wish Upon a Wedding Infographic

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