Keyhole-Back Wedding Dresses

Posted by Sarah PeaseAug 22, 2012

Keyhold backs on wedding dresses have been a hot style for brides this wedding season! These dresses are all about elegance. While the trend started with simple keyhole backs, we are now seeing sheer backs and cutouts in various shapes. This timeless feature can range from girl-next-door to ultra sexy, depending on the cut and material you choose. Will you try a keyhole back dress?

Keyhole Back Wedding Dress

Photos courtesy of Anna Campbell dress via One Stylish BrideShe Will be Loved, Hayley Paige dress via JLM Couture.


2 thoughts on “Keyhole-Back Wedding Dresses”

  1. I am looking for information on the dress in the bottom right corner (She Will Be Loved dress with the 2 photos). I have been searching high and low to find the maker and where to find it but cannot find any info. PLEASE let me know any bit of information you have. Thanks!

  2. Hi Desiree,

    I absolutely love that dress too so I’ve been doing some research. If you’re still looking for the designer of the dressing the bottom right with the sheer back, it’s

    Theyre based in Brazil and I think the dress starts at $4500 but they possibly ship to the US, if that’s where you’re located. I think the best bet for you would be to get it recreated custom for you by a designer an dressmaker closer to home.

    Good luck!!


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