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The Proposal Planner: Sunil & Reema

Posted by SarahNov 14, 2014

Sunil’s proposal was one of the most unique and fun ones we have planned! Reema thought that she was on her way to a salsa class with a friend that she purchased on Groupon. We even had a fake certificate created to make sure to sell the surprise! When she arrived at the hotel, signs pointed her to the rooftop space where her “salsa class” was being held. When the elevator doors opened, Reema was greeted with the surprise of her life! Sunil had giant boards hand-painted to represent special moments in their relationship. The first panel she saw when she entered the room featured the couple’s profiles which was how they met. As each of the boards was pulled away, Reema got to walk through the history of their relationship. When the final board was pulled away, Sunil was standing at the end, (gorgeous) ring in hand, ready to propose!

 Congratulations to Sunil & Reema!

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Thank you to Paparazzi Proposals for the beautiful photographs!

The Proposal Planner: Abe & Nellie

Posted by SarahOct 10, 2014

Abe knew that he wanted to incorporate Vegas into his proposal to Nellie. The two of them absolutely loved vacationing there and if Abe couldn’t bring Nellie to Vegas, he was going to bring Vegas to NYC! Nellie had no idea what was in store for her the night that Abe invited her to a “work party” on the rooftop of a luxurious NYC hotel. When the elevator doors opened, Nellie found herself in a room transformed into a Vegas casino! Abe walked Nellie to a custom craps table with “Will You Marry Me” written on it and a deck of cards listing all of the reasons he loves her. Abe then got down on one knee and popped the question! After he got the “yes” confetti cannons went off and the couples friends ran in to join them for a casino-themed party!

Congratulations to Abe & Nellie!

NYC Skyline, Proposal Champagne, Casino Proposal Craps Table Proposal, Playing Card Love Confetti Cannon, Casino Proposal Party Happy Couple, NYC Skyline, Engagement Ring, Sunset

 Thank you to Paparazzi Proposals for the beautiful pictures!

The Proposal Planner: Josh and Natalyia

Posted by SarahDec 23, 2013

Josh let Natalyia know almost everyday that she is the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with. He now was ready for that big moment to make it official, and there was no holding back with this one. The proposal started by teaming up with the interactive play, Sleep No More, where Josh was to pop the question at their exclusive rooftop restaurant, Gallow Green (before it was even open to the public!). Natalyia still had no idea, and believed that she was just another individual partaking in this interactive experience. When both of them finally met, they stood on the rooftop  inside an old vintage train car which was surrounded by pages of poetry written by Pabloe Neruda, one of the couple’s favorite poet. After getting down on one knee and receiving a yes, the two of them were ushered away in a stunning 1932 Hupmobile to enjoy dinner at Natalyia’s favorite restaurant, Daniel’s. Josh surprised Natalyia further by having them enjoy dinner in the restaurant’s private sky box and was served by the executive chef himself. The next day the couple was off to Greece and France and we couldn’t be happier for them. The amazing couple’s proposal was featured in the New York Post and on Good Morning America! Congratulations Josh and Natalyia!

New York Post

Good Morning America

Marriage Proposal Details

Down On One Knee

Romantic Marriage Proposal

Engaged Couple

Thanks to Kelly Guenther for the photos!

The Proposal Planner on TLC’s Cake Boss

Posted by Sarah PeaseJul 09, 2013

I had an absolutely amazing time planning an unforgettable and super sweet proposal for Mike at the famous Carlo’s Bakery of TLC’s Cake Boss!  Link to come as soon as it’s been published by TLC.

Cake Boss Logo

Proposal Planner Logo

Trend Alert: The Engagement Band

Posted by Sarah PeaseSep 12, 2012

It used to be that a woman received a diamond ring when she got engaged, and then a wedding band when she got married. But, times are changing. Make way for the Engagement Band! These rings tend to be wider than a normal wedding band and, instead of one large diamond, they are usually covered in many small diamonds and intricate detail. The most notable fact about them is that they combine the engagement ring and a wedding band, in both looks and function. Now, women are either receiving both an engagement band and a wedding band, or, for those couples ahead of the times, just one engagement band.

This begs the question, if you only wear one ring, when do you receive it? Most people who choose to wear an engagement band do not receive it until the wedding day, especially if the band is very wide. This could mean many diamond-less proposals in our future. Would you say “yes” to a marriage proposal without a ring? Is one ring better really than two? Check out the below rings and decide for yourself if they’re worth the wait!

Diamond Engagement Bands

Photos courtesy of Martha Stewart,  Sears,  Hearts on Fire.

The Proposal Planner: Robert & Mariela

Posted by Sarah PeaseMay 18, 2012

Robert wanted to propose to Mariela on Valentine’s Day with her friends and family, so I designed a proposal concept inspired by their hopes and dreams for the future and found an inventive way to incorporate everyone into the experience.

The happy couple arrived to Ca Va for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, but when Mariela stepped into the private dining room, she was surprised by about 30 of her closest friends and family.  One by one, each person stepped forward and presented her with a  specially-wrapped gift.  A book on starting a small business gave her advice on the day care she plans to open, a photo of her with her mother represented the couple taking care of their families in the future, a garter tucked into a beach-themed box represented the laid-back, beachfront wedding they envisioned.

After she unwrapped each gift, he explained how he envisioned their future together, and got down on his knee to pop the question!  Mariela said yes and the couple enjoyed a celebratory dinner with their whole family.  Congratulations to Robert & Mariela!  Thanks to Sofia Negron for the fantastic photos, stay tuned for the video.

NYC Marriage Proposal

Angelina Jolie’s Engagement Ring

Posted by Sarah PeaseMay 02, 2012

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (aka Brangelina) are engaged! What do you think of her custom-designed engagement ring: love it or leave it?

Angelina Jolie's Engagement Ring

The Proposal Planner: Ange & Laurie

Posted by Sarah PeaseMar 29, 2012

Ange wanted to propose to his princess, Laurie.  I drew inspiration from the  famed Rockefeller Family,  the closest thing to American royalty. As legend has it, one of the most elaborate Rockefeller parties involved each guest receiving a small silver trowel upon arrival. At the center of the dinner table was a long, low vase shaped like a trough, filled with sand.  Each guest used their trowel to dig into the sand and find their gift – a perfectly cut ruby, emerald  or diamond.

We began Laurie’s princess marriage proposal with a shopping spree at Bergdorf’s. Upon returning to their suite, Laurie was surprised by a professional hair & makeup artist – all with the decoy of it being part of their preparation for a fancy evening out. They made their way up to the penthouse and and saw a glass trough filled with crystals: inside she discovered a tiara, Queen Mary Louboutin heels and finally, her ring!  Tears of joy accompanied Laurie’s “Yes!” and an incredible dinner at Le Cirque followed. Thanks to Maggie Harkov for the incredible photos.

Dream Marriage Proposal Idea

Princess Engagement Idea

NYC Central Park Marriage Proposal

Princess Marriage Proposal Idea

Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

Posted by Sarah PeaseFeb 29, 2012

Getting engaged to a truly unique woman?  Think outside the traditional engagement ring box and consider the other types of incredible rings.  I recently planned a dream marriage proposal inspired by a non-traditional engagement ring, the Orchid Ring from Cartier.  Whether it’s a ruby stunner like this one from Van Cleef & Arpels or the “Toi & Moi” ring from Chopard, be sure that your engagement ring choice reflects the unique personality of your lucky lady.

Non Traditional Engagement Ring

Featured in the UK Daily Mail!

Posted by Sarah PeaseJan 17, 2012

I am thrilled to be featured in an article about proposal planning in one of the UK’s biggest papers, the Daily Mail! For the complete article, please click here.

The Proposal Planner UK Daily Mail

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