The Proposal Planner: Allen and Fen

Posted by SarahNov 11, 2013

Working with Allen, who is both incredibly kind and lives in Australia, to create his dream proposal was an absolute blast.  Many late night and early morning phone calls were made between Allen in Australia and myself in New York, but the end product was a truly unique proposal.  Fen believed she was meeting Allen’s parents in New Jersey and sightseeing on her first trip to New York City, but what she didn’t know was that Allen had been planning a Harry Potter-themed proposal for her.  Allen made a lunch reservation at an exclusive club in Manhattan, which served as the perfect backdrop for this memorable proposal.  As Allen and Fen arrived, I led Allen to the private dining room while Fen was taken to the coatroom and then escorted to Allen. Fen was met with a glass vile filled with a quote from Harry Potter.  After reading it she opened the door to the private room, which was decorated with Harry Potter books, vintage bottles made to look like potion bottles and an abundance of romantic roses and candles, and was confronted by a kneeling Allen and an engagement ring.  After she said yes, the two enjoyed a romantic lunch for two.  The happy couple’s imaginative engagement was even featured in the New York Post.  If you missed it, click here to read!  Congratulations, Allen & Fen!


New York Post

Romantic Marriage Proposal

Harry Potter Proposal

Down On One Knee

Happy Couple

Thanks to Zlatko Batistich for the gorgeous photos!

The Proposal Planner: Jeff

Posted by SarahSep 03, 2013

Jeff had already informally proposed at a beautiful waterfall, which became the inspiration behind his intimate and thoughtful New York City proposal.  Because the couple is close to their faith, we created a waterfall of ribbons with Bible verses printed on them. Surrounding this unique waterfall were lush greens, roses, hanging mementos with notes that reminded the couple of their relationship and rocks transcribed with the traits that Jeff admired most about his lovely girlfriend.  Differing from Jeff’s informal proposal, this time when she said yes she received a sparkly diamond ring.  Congratulations, Jeff!

Custom Marriage Proposal

Down On One Knee

NYC Engagement

Thanks to Paparazzi Proposals for capturing this amazing moment.

The Proposal Planner: Paul and Grace

Posted by Sarah PeaseJun 21, 2013

On an early spring day, Grace thought she was attending the opening of a friend’s art gallery in Manhattan but was utterly surprised when she arrived to find the gallery filled with digital art installations and romantic decor.  A scrolling path of soft pink petals led Grace through the gallery and to a wall decorated with an abundance of elegantly hung pink ribbon.  Paul wanted to incorporate his and Grace’s shared Korean heritage, so perched against the ribbon there were large, hand cut Korean symbols that spelled “Will you marry me”, and she said “Yes!”.  Paul and Grace then shared a romantic dinner prepared by a private chef and later met their family and friends at a local bar to celebrate their engagement.  Congratulations Paul and Grace!

Thanks to Blue Daisy for the beautiful photos!

Korean Proposal Details

Down on one knee

Prink Proposal Details

NYC Couple

Alternative Wedding Bouquets

Posted by Sarah PeaseMay 30, 2012

Gone are the days when a bouquet of white roses was the only choice for a bride.  Brides are foregoing traditional floral bouquets in favor of bouquets made out of brooches, vegetables, and even…doorknobs!  If a traditional floral bouquet isn’t your thing, check out these alternatives.

Alternative Wedding Bouquets

Colorful brooch bouquet by Jasmine Photography,  Gold brooch bouquet,  Doorknob bouquet, Artichoke bouquet.

Wedding Ceremony Exit Tips

Posted by Sarah PeaseApr 19, 2012

We’ve all seen those incredible photos of couples exiting their ceremony or reception with sparklers, bubbles, confetti or rice.  What you may not know is that those moments have usually been carefully orchestrated behind-the-scenes!  Here are a few tips:

  • -Before you order anything, make sure your venue allows it.  Many venues restrict confetti or sparklers for clean-up reasons or fire hazard reasons.
  • -If you’re tossing something outside, make sure it’s environmentally friendly.  Rice can be very hazardous to birds.  A better alternative is bird seed or a special type of rice that crushes underfoot and dissolves in water.
  • -Recruit some “ringers” to start the trend of the bubbles/confetti/etc. Otherwise you’ll be down the aisle before anyone has tossed their confetti!
  • -Check everything beforehand and unwrap it or open up any seals.  Many times bubbles come with a silver seal that will impede timely bubble-making as you head down the aisle.

Confetti Bubbles & Rice at Wedding Ceremony

Photos courtesy of  Snippet & Ink, ZLynn, Violet & Earnest.

Non-Traditional Chuppah

Posted by Sarah PeaseFeb 20, 2012

I was pretty sure this would always be my favorite chuppah (or mandap, or canopy depending on your religious affiliation). But when I saw this little gem on Style Me Pretty today, I thought it was the prettiest non-traditional chuppah ever and had to share.

Unique Chuppah

Photo by Elizabeth Lloyd.

Late Night Snacks

Posted by Sarah PeaseJan 24, 2011

Late-night snacks are the perfect way to treat your guests after a long night of dancing! They can be a sweet nightcap like churros, or milk and cookies – a crunchy antidote to all the alcohol. Or, send them home with coffee and donuts for breakfast the next morning. Prefer something savory? How about mini grilled-cheese sandwiches with tomato soup shooters, bagels and cream cheese or a hot dog cart with all the fixings!

Milk and Cookies Favor Wedding Donut Coffee Favors Wedding

Photos courtesy of the Knot via Wish and Martha Stewart.

Unique Favor Ideas

Posted by Sarah PeaseJan 16, 2011

Photos like these make me think that every wedding should serve ribs just so guests can wear rib bibs! More photos of this delightful wedding here.

Wedding Favor Ideas Rib Bib

Photos courtesy of the fantastic Photo by Aubrey.

Candy Bar Alternative

Posted by Sarah PeaseDec 03, 2010

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good candy display at any event.  But, we also love the colors and creativity of this Old Fashioned Soda Bar that our friends at Project Wedding came up with! The color and unique design of each bottle really makes for a real eye-catcher and will transport your guests back to when they were kids. Perfect for a large event like a wedding to a smaller, more intimate baby or bridal shower!

We think this would be an amazing idea for escort cards! What guest wouldn’t want to sit at the Orange Crush table or the Dad’s Cream Soda table?

A Wrinkle in Your Gift Bags

Posted by Sarah PeaseSep 14, 2010

When you’re picking out the bag for your Welcome Bags, keep in mind that paper bags will get smashed during transport.  Moving gift bags from one location to another is a lot of work and they will inevitably get banged up and bruised. Even if you personally carry them one-by-one, many times the hotel employees delivering the bags won’t have as much finesse.

Some great, non-smashable options that we’ve used in the past are: reuseable grocery bags, tied handkerchiefs or bandanas and mini beverage coolers. Not only will your gifts arrive to your guests in pristine condition, they’ll also be something they can use in the future as well. And, they can be just as affordable as paper ones!

Fabric Wrap from Chewing the Cud

RuMe Bags
Mini Cooler

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