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Excited to Speak at ISSE!

Posted by Sarah PeaseJul 30, 2014

I am so honored to have been chosen as a speaker for this year’s Inspire Smart Success Event. This four day seminar will include speakers from all areas of the wedding industry coming together to create an amazing learning and networking experience. The event will take place in Riviera Cancun from November 4th to 7th. See below for the full list of panelists. To register for this event please visit this website.

We look forward to seeing you there!

palm beach speakers 4 wide

The Proposal Planner in Fiscal Times

Posted by Sarah PeaseJun 25, 2014

It was such an honor to speak with The Fiscal Times about marriage proposal planning. To read the whole story, check out the article in The Fiscal Times.

Logo of The Fiscal Times

The Proposal Planner in Jewish Times

Posted by Sarah PeaseMay 29, 2014

I was so delighted to speak with the Jewish Times to share some ideas on marriage proposal planning. and shed some light on how big proposal planning is getting!  The article was posted May 8, 2014, so if you missed it, check it out here!

The Proposal Planner: Jaison and Ann

Posted by Sarah PeaseMay 05, 2014

We were so thrilled to help Jaison plan the perfect marriage proposal for this girlfriend Ann.  Jaison wanted his proposal to be a complete surprise.  Being in a long distance relationship, Ann didn’t even know Jaison was going to be in town.  Little did she know Jaison wasn’t the only surprise of the night.  When she arrived for dinner with friends the hostess lead Ann to a private room.  She was completely blown away to see not only her friends and family but Jaison standing in the middle of the room!  As soon as she entered the room a pianist started playing and Jaison began singing “I Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis.  After his serenade Jaison dropped to one knee and proposed to Ann, she said yes!  The newly engaged couple celebrated the night with a party for friends and family.  Congratulations Jaison and Ann!

Serenade Proposal

Down on One Knee

Happy Couple

Thanks to Craig Warga for the beautiful photos!

The Proposal Planner: George and Christine

Posted by Sarah PeaseApr 28, 2014

George and his girlfriend Christine’s love of wine was the inspiration for their Italian style marriage proposal.  The proposal started to take shape when George gave Christine a private wine tasting for Christmas.  Unknown to Christine, this wine tasting would be completely orchestrated by our proposal team.  The day of the proposal the couple arrived for their private wine tasting.  George chose a Bordeaux theme for the tasting because of an upcoming trip the couple has planned to Bordeaux, Italy.  As the tasting came to an end the Sommelier asked George and Christine to take an audio quiz on the wines they learned about.  Instead of a quiz an original song that George wrote with a professional songwriter began to play.  When the song came to an end George dropped to one knee and proposed to Christine.  The couple celebrated their engagement with a private cooking lesson where they learned how to make an authentic Italian dessert.  Congratulations George and Christine!

Thank you to Mikkel Paige for the beautiful photos!

The Proposal Planner: Clayton and Amy

Posted by Sarah PeaseMar 31, 2014

Clayton proposed to Amy with a starry night she will never forget.  Thinking they were just going out for a nice dinner, Clayton and Amy arrived at the Asisate where they were ushered to a private room overlooking Columbus Circle.  Displayed in the middle of the room was a tree instillation covered with Swarovski crystal stars and garland.  On each star was a message and significant date from the couple’s relationship.  After reading each of the messages to Amy, Clayton proposed and she said yes!  The couple celebrated their engagement with a romantic dinner for two in the private room.  When they returned back to their hotel room Amy found the book “The Stars” placed on the bed.  Inside was a personal inscription from Clayton.  Congratulations Amy and Clayton!

Proposal Details

Will You Marry Me?

Engagement Ring

Private Proposal Dinner

Thanks to Mikkel Paige for the beautiful photos!

The Proposal Planner in Metro Newspaper

Posted by Sarah PeaseMar 20, 2014

I am so excited to be featured in Metro Newspaper today, March 20th in honor of National Proposal Day!  Check out the article here for my top 5 tips to planning your perfect marriage proposal.

The Proposal Planner in Elle

Posted by Sarah PeaseDec 09, 2013

I was so honored to be interviewed for Elle where I was able to discuss a little bit about the behind the scenes of marriage proposal planning. The article posted last Thursday, December 5th, so if you missed it make sure to read it here!


The Proposal Planner: Shkelzen and Fortune

Posted by Sarah PeaseOct 28, 2013

Shkelzen proposed to Fortune in an incredibly romantic fashion.  As a nod to her first name, and that she is his treasure, he popped the question inside an old bank vault turned wine cellar!  The couple arrived at the restaurant and were escorted to their own private wine vault.  In this intimate setting we created an installation consisting of twelve vintage safety deposit boxes overflowing with lush flowers.  Each box held an envelope hand-calligraphed with each month of the year.  Inside each envelope was a card that had his favorite memory from their one-year relationship written on it.  The last envelope, however, held a note about what Shkelzen was looking forward to in their future together.  After reading all of the sentimental notes, he proposed and Fortune said yes!  To celebrate their engagement they enjoyed a romantic dinner together in the privacy of the wine vault.  Congratulations, Shkelzen and Fortune!

Down On One Knee

Marriage Proposal Details

Engagement Ring

Thanks to Paparazzi Proposals for the photos!

The Proposal Planner: Matt

Posted by Sarah PeaseOct 14, 2013

Matt, a professional baseball player, wanted to propose to his girlfriend in unforgettable style, so we created a proposal that she will always remember!  After a day spent touring NYC in a helicopter and dining at a luxurious restaurant, Matt’s girlfriend thought they were heading to see the Broadway show Chicago, but she was not expecting what ensued.  The couple arrived to the theatre early and was ushered in through the side door before the show started.  Matt and his lovely girlfriend not only met some of the show’s stars, but they had the opportunity to take the stage.  When they approached center stage, Matt dropped to one knee and proposed. Elated and surprised, she said yes!  Congratulations, Matt!

Chicago Musical Logo

Broadway Musical Cast

Down On One Knee

Engaged Couple

Photos courtesy of Chicago

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