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The Proposal Planner: Abe & Nellie

Posted by SarahOct 10, 2014

Abe knew that he wanted to incorporate Vegas into his proposal to Nellie. The two of them absolutely loved vacationing there and if Abe couldn’t bring Nellie to Vegas, he was going to bring Vegas to NYC! Nellie had no idea what was in store for her the night that Abe invited her to a “work party” on the rooftop of a luxurious NYC hotel. When the elevator doors opened, Nellie found herself in a room transformed into a Vegas casino! Abe walked Nellie to a custom craps table with “Will You Marry Me” written on it and a deck of cards listing all of the reasons he loves her. Abe then got down on one knee and popped the question! After he got the “yes” confetti cannons went off and the couples friends ran in to join them for a casino-themed party!

Congratulations to Abe & Nellie!

NYC Skyline, Proposal Champagne, Casino Proposal Craps Table Proposal, Playing Card Love Confetti Cannon, Casino Proposal Party Happy Couple, NYC Skyline, Engagement Ring, Sunset

 Thank you to Paparazzi Proposals for the beautiful pictures!

The Proposal Planner: Cynthia & Humberto

Posted by SarahOct 03, 2014

Going to see a musical on Broadway in New York City is always exciting – but even more so for our couple, Cynthia and Humberto! Cynthia started off the day in NYC thinking that Humberto was simply taking her on a city tour that included a “memory scrapbook”. At every New York City attraction they visited, they took a Polaroid picture to remember their trip by. Cynthia was excited that Humberto was taking her to see Wicked The Musical after their tour, but she had no idea what was actually in store! The couple enjoyed the show tremendously and were then offered a chance to tour the backstage area. As Cynthia and Humberto walked across the stage where the show had just taken place, Humberto got down on one knee and proposed! Cynthia said “Yes!” and the couple got their fairy tale ending!

Congratulations to Cynthia and Humberto!

Wicked The Musical, Broadway Proposal, Engagement ring

Thanks to Paparazzi Proposals for the pictures!

The Proposal Planner: Paul and Grace

Posted by Sarah PeaseJun 21, 2013

On an early spring day, Grace thought she was attending the opening of a friend’s art gallery in Manhattan but was utterly surprised when she arrived to find the gallery filled with digital art installations and romantic decor.  A scrolling path of soft pink petals led Grace through the gallery and to a wall decorated with an abundance of elegantly hung pink ribbon.  Paul wanted to incorporate his and Grace’s shared Korean heritage, so perched against the ribbon there were large, hand cut Korean symbols that spelled “Will you marry me”, and she said “Yes!”.  Paul and Grace then shared a romantic dinner prepared by a private chef and later met their family and friends at a local bar to celebrate their engagement.  Congratulations Paul and Grace!

Thanks to Blue Daisy for the beautiful photos!

Korean Proposal Details

Down on one knee

Prink Proposal Details

NYC Couple

The Proposal Planner on Good Morning America

Posted by Sarah PeaseMar 26, 2013

I was SO excited to have Josh’s amazing proposal featured on Good Morning America last week!  Click here for the full segment.

Good Morning America The Proposal Planner

The Proposal Planner Sarah Pease

Today Show Feature!

Posted by Sarah PeaseDec 05, 2012

If you missed me on The Today Show, here’s the clip! Thank you to all the fantastic vendors that made this happen, including the IntrepidPaparazzi Proposals, Brewster High School Marching Band, Kristan Pozzuto, Bill’s Flower Market, Abigail Hancock, and The Today Show team!

The Proposal Planner on The Today Show!

Posted by Sarah PeaseNov 12, 2012

I had the pleasure of planning a dream marriage proposal for Marcial and Brynn that appeared on The Today Show!

Today Show Logo

On a sunny Friday in September, Marcial and Brynn arrived at the Intrepid Museum on Manhattan’s west side dressed in their best.  Marcial told Brynn a decoy story:  his military friend was receiving an award in a ceremony on the Intrepid and invited them as his personal guests. When he added that he signed them up for a tour of the ship beforehand, Brynn didn’t suspect a thing! Little did Brynn know that her fellow tour group members were our accomplices, and that the whole group was being trailed by photographers and cameras from The Today Show.


When the tour reached the flight deck, Marcial excused himself to use the restroom. Safely behind the scenes, he changed into a tux and took his hiding spot behind a gigantic marching band from Brewster High School.  The band started their performance with Michael Jackson’s Thriller and I’ll Be There.  At the end of the performance, they did a swirling formation to reveal Marcial, dressed in full tuxedo with two dozen red and pink roses.  White ribbons were wrapped around the stems of the bouquet, each with a question beginning with “Will you…” The questions held meaning for the couple and there was one for each rose in the bouquet, with a final red ribbon that said “Will you marry me?” As Marcial got down on one knee, the band raised a sign that spelled out “Marry me?” for an added dramatic touch.  To top it all off, after Brynn said “Yes!”, her family emerged on the aircraft elevator, holding a banner that said “Mission Accomplished!”

I was so honored to be part of Brynn & Marcial’s very special day and very proud to appear on The Today Show!  A big thanks to the happy couple, Marcial & Brynn, and their families, along with the terrific team at the Intrepid, the stellar crew of The Today Show and James and team from Paparazzi Proposals.

The Proposal Planner Sarah Pease

The Proposal Planner: Robert & Mariela

Posted by Sarah PeaseMay 18, 2012

Robert wanted to propose to Mariela on Valentine’s Day with her friends and family, so I designed a proposal concept inspired by their hopes and dreams for the future and found an inventive way to incorporate everyone into the experience.

The happy couple arrived to Ca Va for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, but when Mariela stepped into the private dining room, she was surprised by about 30 of her closest friends and family.  One by one, each person stepped forward and presented her with a  specially-wrapped gift.  A book on starting a small business gave her advice on the day care she plans to open, a photo of her with her mother represented the couple taking care of their families in the future, a garter tucked into a beach-themed box represented the laid-back, beachfront wedding they envisioned.

After she unwrapped each gift, he explained how he envisioned their future together, and got down on his knee to pop the question!  Mariela said yes and the couple enjoyed a celebratory dinner with their whole family.  Congratulations to Robert & Mariela!  Thanks to Sofia Negron for the fantastic photos, stay tuned for the video.

NYC Marriage Proposal

Angelina Jolie’s Engagement Ring

Posted by Sarah PeaseMay 02, 2012

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (aka Brangelina) are engaged! What do you think of her custom-designed engagement ring: love it or leave it?

Angelina Jolie's Engagement Ring

Man-gagement Rings

Posted by Sarah PeaseApr 05, 2012

Whether it’s a same-sex couple popping the question, or a brave lady proposing to her guy, man-gagement rings are not just a trend. Although most luxury jewelers aren’t yet marketing their rings as “man-gagement” rings, here are two of my picks from Harry Winston and Michael C. Fina’s wedding band collection.

Men Engagement Rings


Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

Posted by Sarah PeaseFeb 29, 2012

Getting engaged to a truly unique woman?  Think outside the traditional engagement ring box and consider the other types of incredible rings.  I recently planned a dream marriage proposal inspired by a non-traditional engagement ring, the Orchid Ring from Cartier.  Whether it’s a ruby stunner like this one from Van Cleef & Arpels or the “Toi & Moi” ring from Chopard, be sure that your engagement ring choice reflects the unique personality of your lucky lady.

Non Traditional Engagement Ring

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