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The Proposal Planner: Chris and Petra

Chris put his total heart and soul into this amazing proposal. He wanted to make it clear to Petra how much he adored her and how lucky he was to be with her. Thus Lucky in Love was born and became the title to this one of kind engagement. From the very beginning, a plan was set up to completely catch Petra off guard. She thought that she and Chris would be meeting with some friends from overseas for a birthday, but instead she was lead into an empty Penthouse suite with a spectacular view overlooking the city. It was flawlessly decorated and just for her. When they entered the room a huge wall mural displayed pictures of the couple. A guitarist sat in the corner and played Journey’s “When A Man Loves A Woman”, and the lyrics were also printed on the beautiful white runner that was laid on the floor. As the two of them walked the runner they found themselves standing under a floral arch where miniature horseshoes hung from, and all had a reason written up by Chris of why he knows he is lucky to have her. After reading every single one, Chris got down on one knee and pulled out the ring which he perfectly disguised in a Happy Birthday gift bag. The night was far from over at that point. Just as Petra was calling her friends and family to share the good news, they all appeared after waiting so patiently in the lobby, and everyone enjoyed a wonderful evening complete with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres! Congratulations Chris and Petra!

NYC Penthouse Proposal

Lucky in Love

Surprise Proposal

Down on One Knee

Engagement Ring

Penthouse Proposal

Thanks to Daniel J Photography for the amazing photos!

The Proposal Planner: Paul and Azalea

Paul made sure that Azalea was treated to an unforgettable proposal that truly represented her as an Artist, and her love and passion for painting. The evening all started when the couple happened to come across a sign for an Open House Community Art Class.  After agreeing to Paul’s suggestion that they should partake in it, Azalea and Paul joined the class that was staged all for her. About 15 minutes into the class, an acoustic guitar in the distance starting playing the beautiful melody to Trains “Marry Me”. One by one fellow students from the class started singing, until finally the whole class was! Azalea, humming along with the tune, still was completely unaware of what was going on or what was about to come. The group of singers then led Paul and Azalea into another room where the guitarist could be found, and that is where the magical moment unfolded. As Azalea came into the room a pianist started to play, and she was faced with a gorgeous display containing paint cans, flowers, paint brushes, and of course a mural of the city with “Will You Marry Me?” painted across. Azalea was still in shock as Paul dropped to one knee and presented her with the ring! After receiving a ‘Yes’ the group of singers broke out into a celebratory group dance and Paul and Azalea shared a wonderful champagne toast! Congratulations Paul and Azalea!

Will You Marry Me Canvas

Surprise Proposal

Down on One Knee

Proposal Paintings

Paul & Azalea – The Proposal from TWEED VIDEO on Vimeo.

Thanks to Daniel J Photography for the amazing photos and Tweed Video for the video.

The Proposal Planner in JCK Magazine

I was delighted to talk with the jewelry industry authorities at JCK Magazine to discuss our shared love of marriage proposals and the breakthrough industry of proposal planning. The article posted yesterday, February 13th, so if you missed it be sure to check it our here!

The Proposal Planner in Elle

I was so honored to be interviewed for Elle where I was able to discuss a little bit about the behind the scenes of marriage proposal planning. The article posted last Thursday, December 5th, so if you missed it make sure to read it here!


The Proposal Planner: Shkelzen and Fortune

Shkelzen proposed to Fortune in an incredibly romantic fashion.  As a nod to her first name, and that she is his treasure, he popped the question inside an old bank vault turned wine cellar!  The couple arrived at the restaurant and were escorted to their own private wine vault.  In this intimate setting we created an installation consisting of twelve vintage safety deposit boxes overflowing with lush flowers.  Each box held an envelope hand-calligraphed with each month of the year.  Inside each envelope was a card that had his favorite memory from their one-year relationship written on it.  The last envelope, however, held a note about what Shkelzen was looking forward to in their future together.  After reading all of the sentimental notes, he proposed and Fortune said yes!  To celebrate their engagement they enjoyed a romantic dinner together in the privacy of the wine vault.  Congratulations, Shkelzen and Fortune!

Down On One Knee

Marriage Proposal Details

Engagement Ring

Thanks to Paparazzi Proposals for the photos!

The Proposal Planner: Michael and Vivian

Vivian, who is from Australia, was on vacation in NYC with her close friend when she received the surprise of a lifetime.  Michael, Vivian’s knight in shining armor, traveled from Australia to surprise his princess while she was on vacation and swept her off her feet with this Downtown Cinderella-inspired marriage proposal.  While at their Manhattan hotel Vivian and her friend were asked to take part in what Vivian thought was a creative and edgy fairytale-themed photo shoot, but what she didn’t know is that Michael and her friend had secretly arranged the entire thing.  The girls played dress up and took gorgeous photos while they waited for the knight to arrive at the photo shoot.  When Michael, disguised in his suit of armor, arrived and took off his helmet, Vivian’s reaction was one of utter shock and pure happiness.  It was truly a fairytale proposal.  Congratulations Michael and Vivian!

Thanks to Blue Daisy Weddings for the fabulous photos and 15 Minutes of Frame for the adorable video that perfectly captures this unique proposal.


Downtown Cinderella

Fairytale Photo Shoot

Engagement Ring

NYC Couple

The Proposal Planner: Jason and Laura

Jason wanted an intimate and thoughtful proposal, so that’s exactly what we gave him.   What could have seemed like a typical day spent popping in and out of shops turned into a truly magical day the moment Jason and Laura stepped foot in an NYC bookstore.  As the couple entered, there was a sea of candles and flowers surrounding a table with a beautiful heirloom dictionary sitting on it.  As Laura inched closer she could see that one word was circled in red- love.  On the table sat a card catalog box as well. Each card inside the box was a card catalog card, but the Dewey decimal numbers were dates that were meaningful to Jason and Laura.  Accompanying the date was a description of why it was important.  When Laura finished reading each heartwarming note, Jason proposed! After she said yes the happy couple popped some bubbly to celebrate their engagement. Congratulations, Jason and Laura!

Love Marriage Proposal

Bookstore Marriage Proposal

Down On One Knee

Engagement Ring

Times Square KissThanks to Zlatko Batistich for the amazing photos.

The Proposal Planner: A Wicked Marriage Proposal

Jonathan’s girlfriend absolutely loves the musical Wicked , so we took this to heart and created an amazing proposal that she would never forget.  She was dying to see Wicked on Broadway, so Jonathan not only surprised her with tickets to see the famous musical during their trip to NYC, but we arranged a private behind the scenes tour as well.  When they arrived at center stage, two witches from the cast appeared and sang a song from the show while accompanied by a pianist.  After they finished serenading the couple, Jonathan was handed a “Toto basket”.  Jonathan’s girlfriend had dreamt of having a dog like Dorothy’s, so we coordinated with him and a dog breeder to fly the breeder and a puppy to New York.  When she opened the basket she was in shock to find an adorable puppy, which was wearing a collar with a tag that said “Marry me?”.  Jonathan then dropped to one knee and proposed!  After she said yes, confetti canons shot off and showered colorful confetti on the stage.  Jonathan’s big surprise ended with a thoughtful gift; the couple was building a house at the time, so he bought the first stone paver for their walkway and engraved it with “Wicked’ and their proposal date.  Congratulations, Jonathan!

Wicked Broadway Marriage Proposal

Down On One Knee

Happy Couple

Thanks to Paparazzi Proposals for the wonderful photos.

The Proposal Planner: Parvinder and Luvleen

Parvinder wanted a thoughtful and fun proposal, so that’s exactly what we planned for him!  He told Luvleen that they were part of a scavenger hunt competition with other couples, but what she didn’t know was that all of the stops on the scavenger hunt were actually places of significance to them.  Their first stop was the Museum of Natural History followed stops at by various other special NYC locations.  In addition to going to these memorable spots, there were gifts at each stop on the scavenger hunt that reminded her of their relationship.  The last “task” separated the couple, which gave Parvinder a chance to meet us at a private rooftop. When Luvleen finally arrived at the rooftop she was greeted by a sea of rose petals in vibrant hues, a candlelit tree, tons of votive candles and, because she loves Bollywood, music from the most romantic part of her favorite movie was playing in the background.  Parvinder then read her a letter he wrote and proposed!  After she said yes they enjoyed a party with their closest friends and family on the rooftop.  Congratulations, Parvinder and Luvleen!

Down On One Knee

Happy Couple

Nighttime Rooftop Proposal

Thanks to Paparazzi Proposals for the amazing photos.

The Proposal Planner: Alfonso and Marley

Alfonso and Marley are an adorable couple from Mexico and I absolutely loved Alfonso’s super sweet engagement idea.  Marley, a professional dancer, always wanted to see the inner workings of a professional dance company in NYC, so this became the backdrop for Alfonso’s proposal.  Marley believed she was going to see a Broadway theatre rehearsal, but the experience was much more personal that she could have ever imagined.  When the happy couple arrived at the studio the dancers were practicing a routine, however, midway the music changed to Alfonso and Marley’s favorite song.  One by one the dancers approached Marley and gave her a single gerbera daisy, her favorite flower, each with a “theater ticket” attached to it that contained a reason why Alfonso loves her.  When she was presented the last flower, he proposed and she said yes!  Congratulations Alfonso and Marley!

Thanks to Zlatko Batistich for the amazing photos.

Flower Love Notes

Dance Marriage Proposal

Down On One Knee

Happy Couple